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Year: 2013 (page 1 of 3)


Ok, I'm gonna be short and sweet here (as usual): I am thankful for everything that the last year has thought me. New experiences, a lot of lessons, new projects, new people, more readers (I love you guys!). Thank you all for your support my online & real life friends. Happy New Year 2014! Have a good and peaceful one.


I am sorry for being so MIA! But the time has come and I left my cozy studio for four weeks to enjoy holiday in Australia. A lot of things happened before I left and there is still a few projects I would like to post about but for right now all I'm thinking about is doing absolutely nothing. And you know what? I love it. Anyway follow me on instagram to see all the beauty of Australia. Oh, and don't forget to read Bri's blog Designlovefest because you may miss a very cool project we were working on together. Have a peaceful weekend everyone. Cheers!

image via my instagram

Squeezed Up!

Here it is: a few details from a BIG illustration I made for Squeezed Up, a juicy bar based in Stockholm. See the whole one here on their homepage. It's just the beginning so stay tuned to see more soon! This project has been such fun.


Hell yes! Just a little bit busy here & working on a few project in the same time. To treat myself a little bit I bought… a new font and having HUN using it here and there even for some silly stuff (see above).

Recently in the studio

This is just a small sneak peek of what I have been working for a while. Stay tuned so I will show you more soon!

Happy Friday

No, I am not in Rome but believe me I really really wish I could transport there magically for the upcoming weekend. It's been a very busy week so I need to relax so bad. Anyway I thought that I would share with you my little Rome illustration inspired by the maps I make for Bri Emery (have you seen the Rome one btw??). Have a nice weekend everyone, no matter if you stay at home or gonna go to Rome or any other romantic & amazing place.

Stockholm map

Hello Monday! You must have noticed my post on FB last week regarding the Bri Emery's Stockholm guide and the map illustration I made for her. But for everyone who is not so facebookish I decided to post the map here on my blog since I've promised you a few months back that I would write more about what happens when studio is on fire. This project was FUN not only because I love working with Bri but also because Stockholm is where I live now. Check Bri's guide if you haven't so far and don't hesitate to visit Stockholm!


I love the look book with a new collection of temporary tattoos from Tattyoo! You can grab them here. Btw you remember my tattoo designed for them? I know it's not the best time for eating popsicles or ice-creams BUT you shouldn't resist having them on your skin as a tattoo right?

Recently in the studio

Hello Monday! What's new is studio? Well, there is a lot happening here recently so I will be posting soon more new stuff (both illustration & graphic design). Above you can see a series of illustrations I created for Papertheque, a small paper label from Poland. The big cake is my fave! Especially the cute cherry on the top.

Recently in the studio

This is a little project I was working recently on. One of my friends asked me for something "love about", something she could hang on the walls in her new house. Oh, I must say I love projects like this, soooo many ideas I had and eventually I ended up with these three.  And as you can see I still can't get enough from my fave color combo.