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5 Ways to Build Love

I was commissioned by Lion’s Roar magazine on an article by Jack Kornfield, Kristin Neff, Sharon Salzberg, Pema Chödrön and Judy Lief about several meditation techniques to generate more love and compassion in everyday life. Find the article in the latest September 2017 issue.
Art direction: Andrew Glencross


In the latest issue of Mindful magazine you can find my illustrations that I made for an article by Allan Green about MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction).
Art direction: Jessica von Handorf.

This one hasn’t been published but I really liked the fun idea of a girl holding a huge box or raisins.


Fruity Stories

In April I was commissioned by Squeezed Up, a Stockholm based smoothie bar, on a series of fun and a little bit quirky illustrations. I was free to illustrate anything that would make customers think of fresh fruits and smoothies. The whole series has been printed and turned into a wall mural in one of the Squeezed Up bars in the centre of Stockholm.

99 Ways to Live a Mindful Life

I was commissioned by Mindful on an a special limited edition of its magazine 99 Ways to Live a Mindful Life. The issue offers simple tips and techniques you can use everyday to live more mindful in your daily life: how to clear mental clutter, reduce stress, build better connections between people and more.
Art Direction: Dorothy Marschall

Face The Issue


My latest illustration for Refinery29 that has partnered with Face The Issue, a nonprofit committed to productive conversations around mental health issues. R29 & Face The Issue teamed up together to create a project that will help to foster empathy and understanding for  mental health sufferers. You can read more about it here.
Art direction: Natalia Grosner


It’s probably one of the sweetest (almost literally) illustrations I have ever made. I was commissioned by Time magazine on an article by Nate Hopper about the latest unicorn food trend and how Starbucks followed it with its limited edition magical frappuccino.
Art direction: Chrissy Dunleavy

Happy Earth Day 2017

Kind of a funny story about death and tax returns

Recently I was commissioned by The Boston Globe on a beautiful story by Patrick McVay. “Kind of a funny story about death and tax returns” are the author’s memories of his late father who had worked his whole life as a tax collector.
Art direction: Tam Duong.

Happy Friday

This is a sneak peek of a project that I have been working on. Stay tuned and celebrate Friday!

sheet on!

My recent project: a bunch of fun illustrations for Sheet Happens, a Stockholm based online store offering face sheet masks produced in Korea. Starting today, Sheet Happens is offering the first European monthly subscription box online. Paula, the founder of SH, asked me for something fresh, bold and fun that she could use both on the website and social media. Feel free to check Sheet Happens’s website here and stay tuned for more illos soon!