I simply thank YOU for everything I've gotten in the past year 2012. I've learnt so much: new people, a new language, a new country, a new city and many more. One of the most important things is that I launched this website and blog. Thank you all guys who follow the posts here. Your support is priceless and you give me so much motivation, you can't even imagine!
Thank you to my close friends who believe in me and to all sweet and super talented girls I've met online (thank you so much Twitter!) last year and really can't wait to meet them in person:)
And thank you so much to my better haft. My biggest inspiration. I love you <3

Happy new 2013 from super hot&beautiful Australia!


all images taken by me in the amazing Australia



I miss u! <3

Emilia, and I miss Sweden too a lil bit! coming soon!xox

Lovely, lovely photos Asia! I can feel that Australian heat coming through my screen. ;)

Thank you Jess! I can feel it too, especially now when I'm in Sweden ;)