I couldn't sit still on my chair when Bri Emery emailed me one day in July and told about this cool project for GAP. GAP was one of the sponsors of Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago this year and came upon a great   idea with custom t-shirts fun. The idea was that Lolla folks could picked between a few components we created, they could mix and match them using drag&drop technology (fun, right??) and hey, their tees were ready to wear within a few minutes!
Bri and I had only a few days to be ready with the design components so you can imagine the studio here was on fire. However Bri is an amazing art director so everything went super smooth and we eventually we ended up with arrows, sun glasses, waves and a few more, see below!

Drag&drop fun: people could decide about the elements, colors, size and also experiment with shadows or distressed effects. Rotating and flipping was possible as well. So cool!

I wish I could have been there too see what Lolla folks ended up with. Every t-shirt was different!

Probably my fave design component:)

 all images via designlovefest taken by Heather Gildroy