Ok, the time has come and I am so excited to introduce this project officially to you. I have been using Instagram for like over one year now and I am still amazed how inspiring it is. I discovered so many talented users with a great visual taste, aesthetic and an excellent eye for colours and composition.
A few weeks ago I hit upon the idea of turning my insta obsession into something creative and really fun and this is how Instamissimo was born in my head. It is a personal project made mostly for love of illustration and photography but first of all  it is my tribute to the amazing & talented people I follow. On Instamissimo I will regularly pick my fave insta pictures that inspire me to make illustrations or random gifs. I always show you the original image and give credit to the author.

A few words about the website design: I wanted to keep everything very clean and simple but also “Asia like”. I think that you are familiar with my illustrations you probably know what I mean:) And I wouldn’t have built this website without a HUGE help of my super talented better half who knows all the secrets of coding and turning my ideas into reality. Thank you darling!

Images used for this post come from sheila_gim and taeikeda. The illustration with the drink was inspired by this image by Bri Emery, the "chocolate gif" by this image taken by awesini, my super talented better half:)