Looking back

Ok, so this is my first post in 2014 and a little reflection over the past year that was full of exciting projects. It is not so easy to pick a few and call them “my fave” since every single one has brought on something special (yes, believe me that it has). Comparing to 2012 that was a quite taught time in my career, 2013 showed me that “impossible” does not exist and seriously ANYTHING is possible and achievable if you only keep trying, if don’t give up and strongly believe in your dreams. Sounds cheesy to you? Well, so it did to me a few years back and here I am writing these words and sharing them with you.
I feel very blessed that I got the opportunity to work with so many amazing people, mostly with Bri Emery who is such a talented art director and a wonderful person I spent a great time with here in Stockholm. Being a part of Blogshop team was an honour and FUN.
I am also very excited to have illustrated for Ban.do under Jen Gotch’s direction, an another super talented lady I really really love to work with.
My lovely friend Emilia helped me so so much with launching my own business here in Sweden. Oh my, what would I do without her help? Thanks to her I have also learnt to handle stressful situations that unfortunately are a big part of freelance business.
I have started to freelance for a Stockholm based juicy bar Squeezed Up. So much fun and it looks like much more is coming in 2014. Lucky me:)
Resolutions for 2014? Oh boy, there is a few however I prefer to call them goals. The most important thing for me is to remember that they all are achievable if I only work hard and… stay positive in hard times that may happen. And hey, then we learn the most, believe me.