One year

I am soooo sorry for not being here for such a long time. It's happening a lot in my life now. There is a lot of work (which I am super happy about) and a lot of things to plan too. Anyway I almost missed the fact that it's been like one year since I launched this blog! It was May 8th when I created my first post ever. I remember all those feelings like stress and happiness in the same time and… a glas of bubbling champagne:) I had no idea how everything would go to be honest. "Who is gonna read my blog?!" I asked myself but then I thought that the most important thing was to believe in myself and in everything I love doing the most.
After one year experience I realized that I would like to change my blog a little bit. I haven't been writing too much about my work and the process and actually this is what I would like to change. First I have to learn that too:)
I wanna say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blog. Thank you for your time and support.
Thank you hun for being the best webmaster ever, love you!