Recently in the studio

I know, it’s been quiet here for a long time. No excuses! There is a lot of things and projects I would love to tell you about so here are some sneaky peekies of what has been making me so busy recently:

1 / plenty of new things like illustrations, bottle labels or posters I make for Squeezed Up. There is a lot of to show you, believe me so please stay tuned! Most of the elements are complete and we have been waiting to see them printed. Exciting!

2 / Instamissimo! No matter how busy I am, I always find time to illustrate my fave instagram pictures. Check Instamissimo website here to see my latest eye candies.

3 / I feel so lucky to illustrate maps for Flair magazine, but recently we have started to work on special Summer edition in cooperation with Viva magazine. I am working on many funny and very summerish illustrations. Have a look at the sneak peak and… I am not gonna say anything:)

4 / One of the ongoing projects: illustrations and new website design for one of my Stockholm friends. I love love working on this one, it is so special and different from everything I have worked on so far. I will post more soon about this project and my inspirations.

5 / Easter patter for Papertheque. Asctually we ended up with a different colour palette , but I wanted to try something different in free time:)

Ok, I wish you a lovely week and I promise to write more about the ongoing projects soon. xxx.