Recently in the studio

I am very proud to announce a project that I have finished this week. Last month Sara Rosso, a writer, blogger traveler and a lovely human being asked me to help her with refreshing the look of her blog. I am really thankful to Sara for all the trust she put in me and also for encouraging me to leave my "colour safe zone”. I used colours that I don’t often play with which was challenging. After working on this project I feel like buying a small espresso machine. I love coffee and we do drink a LOT of filtered coffee here in Sweden, but is there anything better than a nice cup of intense, smooth espresso in the middle of the day? Well, perhaps a nice smooth cup of espresso somewhere in Rome being drunk after a long trip in a very stylish Fiat 500 :)

For this post I used an image of coffee via Sara's instagram and also Italian Wikipedia (text about Fiat Nuova and espresso).