Still looking back a little bit back at 2013 and going through my old files and what I found today is this small personal project. I was inspired by Emma Robertson’s & Eva Black's great column Top-Notch Type where they pick free fonts and show them being used. I was a big fan of TNT and discovered many great (and free!) fonts I’ve been using for my projects. Last year I was very much into retro type (a little bit too much maybe) and after I found Reswysokr on my own I thought that I would play with it a little bit. I love old 50’s and 60’s Polish movies so I designed a poster for Do widzenia do jutra using Reswysokr font and French since the images remind me of La Nouvelle Vague and Godard’s movies.
You can download Reswysokr for free here.

images via filmpolski / design by asia pietrzyk