In the studio: social stationery

Two weeks ago I promised you (and myself as well) to post more about my work & process and voila!
I couldn't have said "no" to this lovely project! One of my friends in Sweden asked me to design an invitation for a cozy grill party. It's been a wonderful Spring here in Stockholm so I decided to use a fresh color palette including minty green I've been recently crazy about. I made a simple&modern illustration and didn't forget about a very helpful detail: a map:) My do it yourself spirit motivated me to craft 15 envelopes (yes! from scratch!) and envelope liner. For the second one I chose black&white chevron. And the final touch was the packing of the lil suite: a pinkish paper belly band and my customized "thank you" stamp.
The whole project was such a good break activity since I spend a lot of time in front of my screen. Thank you Ira to give me the opportunity to work on this!