Beets & Chocolate

This is the first time ever when I post a recipe on my blog but just to be clear I am not the author of Chocolate Truffles in Beetroot Powder but Marta Dymek from the amazing Polish vegan blog Jadłonomia.

Chocolate Truffles in Beetroot Powder by Marta Dymek

For 20 small truffles you need:

• 100g dark good-quality chocolate
• 75ml of coconut milk
• one tablespoon of coconut oil
• one small beetroot

Turn on the oven and set it to 100 °C. Slice your beet into very thin strips (use a knife or a mandolin slicer). This step is very easy but may be a little bit time-consuming so no rush, take your time. Lay the beet strips on a tray lined with a baking paper and dry them in the oven for 25-35min until they are dried (should look like beet chips). Place them in a chopper/grinder (I guess food processor will be good as well) and pulse until beets are nice fine powder. Easy, isn’t?

The chocolate truffles part is even easier: melt chocolate in a slow cooker or use a saucepan filled with water, bring it to a boil and place another bowl with the chocolate in it on top of the saucepan. Use a whisk or spoon to stir the chocolate, add coconut oil. Turn off the stove and stir in coconut milk until smooth. Allow the truffle mixture to cool to room temperature and once cool, refrigerate minimum 3 hours.

Using a teaspoon or a small melon baller, scoop balls of chocolate mixture
and drop the chocolate balls into the mound of beet powder to coat. Don’t worry if your truffles look roughly formed, aren’t they even more beautiful like that? At last they are made with love by you:)

Bon Appétit!

Thank you Marta for the beautiful inspiration, I wouldn’t have created these illustrations without your recipe.