Oh ban.do!

Friday means always great news so here we go. I thought that I was only dreaming when I saw an email from Jen Gotch in my emailbox a few weeks back. Jen is a super talented photographer, stylist, art director and first of all the founder (together with Jamie Coulter) of ban.do. Do you know ban.do? If not, then click here and check how rad stuff they design&sell but hey, remember that I've warned you that probably you won't leave their online shop without buying something. Jen asked me if I would like to work for ban.do and help them a bit since they've been working on… psssst! can't tell you yet! All I could say was three times YES (you see the girl below? I looked the same when I read the email from Jen). Life is amazing, I'm telling ya. I can't wait to see what we will end up with, working with Jen is such pleasure and fun!

Happy weekend everyone!

all images via ban.do